KG for Kurt Geiger: Dolly sequin bow pumps

Kurt geiger stole Dorothy’s shoes… and now you all can own a pair!

These are totally adorable, glitzy sequin pumps with bow detailing. They come in three different colours Gold, Navy and of course Red. The heel height Im guessing is around 3 inches which isnt extremely high so great for your work christmas parties.

KG for Kurt Geiger Dolly sequin Bow pumps- £100



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3 responses to “KG for Kurt Geiger: Dolly sequin bow pumps

  1. keisha

    hi how do i go about purchasing a pair of the gold dolly seqin bowtie pumps? how what is the asking price in u.s. dollars?

  2. Hiya, I just blog about shoes I dont actually sell them. Your best bet is to check the stores in the Us and see if they sell a similar pair. Hope that helps 🙂

  3. Shin Chowda

    Asos have the gold/black ones (£75-£100)
    Debenhams (UK) department store has green/black and I THINK peach for just £39 (I have the green…gorgeous! And black which I ordered 2 weeks ago but haven’t arrived yet).
    And KG actually has a website with Dolly shoes but in low stock. Hope that helps Keisha!

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