Louise Goldin for Topshop!!

I cannot wait for this pairing to go down, Im not sure about the release dates as yet  but im pretty sure this is the Spring/Summer 2010 line for Topshop. Now my first response to seeing these heels was ‘OUCH’ woman who have found their men cheating should definitely but these and give them a good kick with these on!! At second glance im afraid to say I really like them, they are funky, fresh, crazy, quirky and different I can’t wait to see what other shoe designs she will be bringing to topshop. Im obliged to say ‘I think I need a pair in my life’ eeeeeekkkkkkk!!!!

Let me know your thoughts

Louise Goldin for Topshop S/S 2010

Images sourced from MYKROMAG!



Filed under Heels, Highstreet, pumps, The Good

3 responses to “Louise Goldin for Topshop!!

  1. Kate

    wow these are shockingly great!

  2. Wow, I love these!!! Thankyou for sharing them

  3. wow, these are pretty special…I think i like them!

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