Christian Louboutin: Platform chain detail pumps

When I first saw these I didnt really like them but now thinking about the kind of things you can wear these with they have kind of grown on me. Quite a different style to what Louboutin normally does too which is good.


Christian Louboutin chain details pumps – $930





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2 responses to “Christian Louboutin: Platform chain detail pumps

  1. Yesterday I went to the mall for some inspiration and saw these. At first, I was like you in that I thought “I’m not so sure about these” then I tried them on. Have you ever seen an outfit on the hanger and thought “Eeww!” and then tried it on and it was the most heavenly thing ever? Well, there you go. Put your foot in these and you’ll be answering the question Cash, check or charge?

    • he he… I do think they have a little too much going on.. but thats what I like about these, u can wear them with a pair of skinny jeans and a vest and vamp up your outfit with these bad boys!!

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