Christian Louboutin: Decocolico Mary Janes!

I’m not a big fan of Mary Jane shoes, I can honestly say I dont actually own a pair. I came across these today whilst having a browse and fell in love with them. Ive always associated Mary Jane’s with the colour ‘Black’ for some reason, every time they are mentioned I think boring black shoes with a heel and strap that goes across your foot!! blah!!

But these are totally fabulous. I love the Cherry Burgundy colour to them, the shape is fab and heel is a nice slender stiletto. These have surely changed my mind about Mary Jane shoes. Go Louboutin!!!! wooohoooooo



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One response to “Christian Louboutin: Decocolico Mary Janes!

  1. I love mary janes, and I love suede…whatsmore plum coloured suede…but the toe looks a bit short to me….not a fan of toe cleavage. I’d need to try these on…I so want to love them!!

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