Next shoe range gets exciting

Next have decided to vamp up their shoes with a new collection called ‘Runway’. I can’t stand next, I never shop in there and find there overly neat, robotic store very annoying. Makes me want to run in there and ransack the place just to mess it up a bit. Anyhoo, sometimes I can walk pass the window and notice a few nice pieces but not enough to make me want to go in… until now. I spotted the ‘Runway’ collection online and could not believe how nice the shoes were, very in season, amazing shapes and colours. Go next!!!

extreme sqaure toe leopard print shoes £30

blk cut out peep lace up shoes £50

blk pltfrom peep toe boot next £40

bronze foil strap shoes £40

suede wide top ankle boots purple £65

Price of the shoes are also extremely reasonable.

From the top:

Extreme square toe Leopard print shoe- £30

Black cut out Peep toe lace up shoe- £50

Black platform peep toe boot- £40

Bronze foil strap sandal- £40

Suede wide top ankle boots (purple)- £65


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One response to “Next shoe range gets exciting

  1. from Next!!! … the top two pairs….I can’t believe these are from Next!!! I feel a purchase comming on!!

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