Alexander McQueen: Mega heels



I never understand what possesses these designers to design the most unrealistic excuse my french ‘SHIT’! I mean on a serious level who would wear these? How did they even grace the runway at Paris fashion week and how much did they have to pay the models? If I was a model the only way id be walking in these is if my contract stated the following ‘ large compensation will be paid if the model trips and falls on the runway and behind the scenes’

Anyhoo these Armidillio looking shoes are part of Alexander McQueens S/S 2010 line… Somehow I doubt very much these will be popular!!

Price- Unknown (but im guessing some ridiculous figure)



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2 responses to “Alexander McQueen: Mega heels

  1. I agree with you, these are by far some of the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen. I think this designer has a great sense of humor because they are truly a joke. I am almost willing to bet though, that some tacky celebrity will be seen in them.

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